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SPECIAL Applications

February: Cut limes into half slices

TONA-Rapid_s145_Limetten_Eintrageband_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: TONA Rapid S145 cutting machine

Description:With the TONA Rapid S 145, seedless citrus fruits such as limes, lemons and oranges can be cut into slices and half slices. For this purpose, a V-knife insert with the appropriate cutting thickness is used, which is turned by 90 degrees and used to separate the end pieces of the fruit. Then the limes are placed individually in the product holders and cut into slices and halved in one step. With the gentle cutting process, only a little juice is lost, the product receives a clean cut and the slices are evenly thick. This increases the shelf life of the product.An optional three-part discharge belt separates the end pieces from the product slices.

Capacity: up to 4,800 pieces per hour

January: Destemming cherry tomatoes

Destemming cherry tomatoes | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine:GDM 35 grape destemming machine

Description:The GDM 35 grape destemming machine can also be used for the automatic destemming of cherry tomatoes. The branches with the fruits are placed in the machine and run through it. The tomatoes remain undamaged when they are removed from the stem. Depending on the degree of ripeness and the time since the tomatoes were harvested, it is necessary to check on the discharge conveyor for tomatoes that have stuck to the stem and if necessary remove them manually.

Capacity: up to approx. 250 kg per hour