Recipe weighing belt

Recipe weighing belt

The RECIPE WEIGHING BELT offers the possibility to weigh up to 10 components according to given recipes - and scores with further advantages:

  • Very simple operability via touch panel and foot switch
  • Easy and safe preparation of recipe mixes, e.g.
    100 kg Iceberg,
    30 kg Lollo Rosso,
    25 kg carrot strips and
    25 kg cabbage slices
  • Easy cleaning due to open and hygienic stainless steel design (the belt can simply be declamped and removed sideways)

The belt is equipped with a tap framework, which allows to completely empty the crates with the raw materials. This tapping frame is decoupled from the weighing belt.

99 recipes with up to 10 product components can be stored via touch panel. For each component, the desired target weight can be stored in the recipe.

A light display and the display on the touch panel indicate to the operator the current weight of the component as well as the achievement of the target weight. The operator confirms the weight by means of a stable foot switch and then immediately receives the target weight of the next component. After weighing the last component, pressing the foot switch will move the product to the left or right. Once the belt is emptied, the next batch can be weighed.

The software offers an inverted weight option, so that the operator can start the next batch of the last component of the previous batch. This avoids unnecessary ways.

Another feature allows to define a total quantity for the selected recipe. After reaching this total, the weighing belt stops and a new recipe must be selected.

The recipe weighing belt can be operated in two basic modes. In the first mode, the contents will be transferred to a slope conveyor allowing a quasi continuous flow in a processing line from the batch process of the weighing belt thanks to special settings. The second mode allows the belt to be combined with a slope conveyor to deliver the mix to, for example, a GEWA washing machine or a packagaging line.

The weighing function is carried out by 4 stainless steel bending beam type load cells.


  • Componentes en conformidad para alimentos
    Componentes en conformidad para alimentos
    Todos los componentes de las máquinas que estan en contacto con los alimentos, se fabrican en acero inoxidable o plásticos en conformidad con la FDA.