Procedures & Applications
Capacity (max. 1500 kg/h)

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  • KDB Tauchbad

    KDB 120 Dipping bath

    The new KDB 120 dipping bath has been developped for final treatment of peeled or cut fruit or vegetables. By application of e.g. Nature SealĀ®, other liquids or water soluable powders a prolongation of shelf life and, consequently, increase of product quality will be achieved.

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  • UV-C-Lock - Disinfection lock

    The UV-C-Lock has been developed for surface disinfection of packaging, boxes, stainless steel and plastic containers, buckets, as well as sausage and ham skins, vegetables*, fruit*, salads*, semi-manufacted products*, etc. in close cooperation with the Swiss company sterilAirĀ® (CH-Weinfelden). *Use with food depends on the legislation in the country of the user.

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  • VORTEX-line for germ reduction + prolongation of shelf life of fresh-cut products

    The new Vortex-line from KRONEN has been developed for final treatment stage for vegetables

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