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Press article: Optimization of water use in Fresh-cut processing industry

PressArticle_FreshPlaza_Auqafresh_04042018_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Online-News "Fresh Plaza", 4 April 2018

"KRONEN and the Spanish company CITROSOL are collaborating with the Spanish technological centre CNTA in the prototyping of a new industrial washing process. With the project aqUAFRESH the partners want to improve the food safety of processed fresh fruit and vegetables and to reduce water consumption during processing."

FreshPlaza, Press article on KRONEN project Aquafresh:

Press article: Customized solutions for the benefit of our customers

Pressebericht_FreshPlaza.de_RueckblickAnugaFoodTec2018_21032018_de.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Online-News "Fresh Plaza", 21 March 2018

Report on Anuga FoodTec exhibition highlights on the KRONEN booth...

FreshPlaza, Press article on KRONEN at Anuga FoodTec 2018:

Press article: Revolutionary solution without additives or chemicals against germs in ready-to-eat products

PressArticle_Fructidor_AnugaFoodTec_06032018_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Online-News "Fructidor.com", 6 March 2018

Report on KRONEN project and lecture at Anuga FoodTec 2018:

"The production of ready-to-eat, packaged fresh products such as fresh-cut salads has increased in the last couple of years. As an example: one important main element in fruit salads are apples. They are washed and cubed – while remaining unpeeled. Thus, removing the adherent micro-organisms from the skin accurately is a basic requirement.

This aspect is addressed by a project named DEKONWA, which KRONEN GmbH is working on together with its partner, the ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy. Goal of the project is to not just wash apples, but to also hygienize them in a gentle way and without using any additives or chemicals."

Fructidor.com, Press article on KRONEN project and lecture at Anuga FoodTec 2018:

Press article: Introduction of Unique Avocado Processing Line

Pressebericht_foodMarketingTechn_AvocadoLinie_012018_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Online-News "Fresh Plaza", 1 February 2018

Report on Convenience Avocado Line of KRONEN:

"KRONEN GmbH meets the requirements of the convenience and freshcut market and has now introduced the first avocado processing line in the world."

food Marketing and Technology, Press article on Convenience Avocado Line of KRONEN:

Press article: New Trend Product 'Vegetable Rice' with KRONEN KUJ V

Online-News Postharvest | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Online-News "Postharvest", 5 December 2017

Report on new trend product vegetable rice:

KRONEN cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V allows the making of rice from different kinds of vegetables.

Online News Postharvest, press release on new trend product vegetable rice with KRONEN KUJ V:

Press article: Customer Day at SYNERGY SYSTEMS (NL)

FresplazaAGF_PressArticle_CustomerDay-SynergySystems_Sept2017_NL | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Online journal "Freshplaza-AGF", 8 September 2017 (Dutch language only):
Report on the first customer day organized by SYNERGY SYSTEMS in NL-Oisterwijk.
SYNERGY SYSTEMS is the sales partner of KRONEN for the Netherlands and Belgium-Flanders.

Fresplaza-AGF, Press article about Customer Day at SYNERGY SYSTEMS (Dutch):

Press article: Compelling mix of speed and precision (new crate weighing system)

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel-online_KWS_BogotaSeminar_SynergyS-Kundentage_1Aug2017_de-1 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Fruchthandel", Online news 6 August 2017 (German Language):
"...Kronen presents a further highlight: With the KRONEN KWS crate weighing system, crates are filled precisely weighed with cut, prepared or whole products ..."

Press Release 'Fruchthandel-online': New KRONEN crate weighing system:

Press article: New trends, e.g. spiralizing

PressRelease_ProduceProcessing_Spirello150_Jun2017_EN-1 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Produce Processingl", issue of May/June 2017 :
"...expanding and engaging: New trends, such as spiralizing, redefine fresh-cut produce..."

PressRelease 'Produce Processing' May/June 2017:

Pressebericht: Französische Schulabsolventen schauen in Ortenauer Betriebe

170331 BusTour MDE  Kronen (5) | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/170331 BusTour MDE  Kronen (3)_41078.JPG&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/170331 BusTour MDE  Kronen (6)_41090.JPG&w=220&h=2200


Lokalpresse "Mittelbadische Presse, 20. April 2017:
"Französische Schulabsolventen schauen in Ortenauer Betriebe"

Französische Schulabsolventen schauen in Ortenauer Betriebe :

Press article: Interview with Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director KRONEN

Pressebericht_STAZ_LiebenswerteOrtenau_Interview-S.Zillgith_5April2017_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "STADTANZEIGER" - 5 April 2017 (German language) :
"A location that scores with its bordering location. Stephan Zillgith, KRONEN GmbH, appreciates the advantages of the Ortenau (local area)..."

STAZ Presseartikel 'Liebenswerte Ortenau':

Press article: 'Kronen has grown again'

Pressebericht_MiBa-online_Geschaeftsbericht-Jubilare2016_24Maerz2017_de.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "Mittelbadische Presse" - 24 March 2017 (German language) :
"Annual Report 2016 presented / most significant year in company history"..."

Press release Mittelbadische Presse 'Annual report + Jubilarians 2106':

Press article: 'The fight against germs'

Pressebericht_MiBa_SiMoHyP-GEWAXL_16Maerz2017_DE | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "Mittelbadische Presse" - 16 March 2017 (German language) :
"A project of Kronen GmbH is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture..."

Press release Mittelbadische Presse 'The fight against germs' (German language):

Fruit Logistica 2017: Exhibited innovations aroused enthusiasm

Pressebericht_Prozesstechnik-online_FruitLogistica_28Feb2017_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Prozesstechnik", online report 28 February 2017 (German Language):

"From February 8 to 10, 2017, the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 was once again the meeting place for the international fruit trade for three days. Kronen was also represented at the trade fair as an expert for the salad, vegetable and fruit processing industries.
Many visitors were enthusiastic about the exhibited machine highlights. Especially the innovative novelties - and the associated possibilities - were always the starting point for many informative talks and discussions. The live demos of the Kronen novelties - the SPIRELLO 150 vegetable slicer and the high-performance washing machine GEWA XL - proved to be a crowd puller..."

Press release Prozesstechnik 'Exhibited innovations aroused enthusiasm' (German language):

Innovative washing process for microbiologically safe 'ready-to-eat' salads

Projekt_SiMoHyP_UebergabeZuwendungsbescheid_27.1.2017_1 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Press release of "Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung" 31 January 2017 (German language only):

At the international GRÜNE WOCHE in Berlin, Federal Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt presented the funding agreements for the project "SiMoHyP: Development of an innovative process for increasing the microbiological safety of packaged fresh cut salads by monitoring and sanitizing the process water".

The project aims to develop an innovative method for the decontamination of process water used in the washing of sliced salads in order to preserve microbiologically safe ready-to-eat salads while reducing water consumption and energy costs."

Innovative washing process for microbiologically safe 'ready-to-eat' salads:

Press article: KRONEN GmbH would like to congratulate Forefront Foodtech Co., Ltd. on their 10th year business anniversary!

PressArticle_Forefront_Propak_June_2016_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


PROPAK ONLINE", June 2016 (English/Thai language):
"FOREFRONT at PROPAK in BANGKOK – Trust and credibility can only be earned through a long period of time."

Press article Forefront Propak:

Press article: Kronen announces new features for GEWA washing machine

PressArticle FreshPlaza Kronen announces new features for GEWA washing machine July 2016 en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


FreshPlaza Online 18 July 2016:
"Kronen engineers have developed a new and highly sophisticated GEWA washing machine in collaboration with the specialists from the system partner sterilAir (CH-Weinfelden) according to customer-specific requirements..."

FreshPlaza online Kronen announces new features for GEWA washing machine:

Press article : Kill germs without chemicals

Pressartikel_Fleischerei_Technik_Juni_2016_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Exhibition Review magazine "FLEISCHEREI TECHNIK", 29. June 2016 (German language):

Presseartikel Fleischerei Technik:

Press article: KRONEN GEWA Washing machine

PressArticle_Produce_Procressing_GEWA_UVC_June_2016 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Produce Processing "Fruchthandel", May/June 2016 :
"Kronen has launched its new GEWA mashing machine with a built-in UVC reactor."

PressArticle Produce Procressing GEWA UVC:

Press article Fruit Logistica 2016: Various novelties!

Presseartikel_Fruchthandel_FruitLogistica2016Nachbericht_Geschaeftsbericht2015_4Maerz2016_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Fruchthandel", 4 March 2016 (German language):
"On this year's Kronen booth visitors experienced a large and varied offer of the Kronen machine program..."

Presseartikel Fruchthandel FruitLogistica 2016:

Press article: Successful year 2015 for Kronen

KRONEN_Jubilare2016_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "Mittelbadische Presse" - 26 February 2016 (German language) :
"Balance 2015 of the KRONEN company: For the second time in a row sales and profit at a good level..."

Pressebericht KehlerZeitung Geschaeftsbericht 2015:

FreshPlaza-Online: Effective disinfection with UVC-Lock

FruitLogistica2016_UVClock_Freshplaza.de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


FreshPlaza Online 8 February 2016 :
"Kronen GmbH presented at this year's Fruit Logistica its new UVC-Lock high performance tunnel to a broad and international audience..."

Presseartikel FreshPlaza UVC-Lock 15Feb2016:

Press article: Three new apprentices at KRONEN

Azubis_neu_Sept.2015_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "Mittelbadische Presse" - 4 December 2015 (German language) :
"... 3 young people started their training as industrial manager, IT-manager and industrial mechanics at Kronen..."

Pressebericht Kehler Zeitung 3 neue Kronen Azubis:

Press article: Startup of 2 large salad production lines in Great Britain

Pressarticle_FoodMarketing-Technology_KanesFoods-SaladprocessingDec2015_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Food Marketing & Technology", December 2015
"Already in spring 2015 two more large lettuce production lines were realized and put into operation by Kronen at one of the largest food manufacturers in England: Kanes Foods, headquarted in Worcestershire,..."

Pressarticle Food Marketing-Technology KanesFoods-Saladprocessing:

FreshPlaza-Online:KRONEN at Anuga-exhibition in Cologne

PresseOnline_FreshPlaza_Anuga_GDM35_22Okt.2015_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


FreshPlaza Online 22 Octobert 2015 (German language only) :
"Kronen GmbH presents: "Destemming grapes no longer needs to be done by hand...."

PresseOnline FreshPlaza AnugaFood GDM35:

Press article: 'Special Technique' - Modifiability = increased productivity

Pressebericht_FruchthandelTechnikSpecial_Modifizierbarkeit-Produktivitaet_Okt2015_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Fruchthandel", supplement "Technik Special" October 2015 (German language):
"Individual modifiability of machines for more productivity. As a specialist for processing technology Kronen GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik offers the wide range of machines for the fresh cut industry...."

Pressebericht FruchthandelTechnikSpecial Modifizierbarkeit-Produktivitaet:

Press article: State Minister A. Bonde visited Kronen

Pressebericht_MiBa_ABonde-Besuch_26.08.2015_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "Mittelbadische Presse" - 26 August2015 (German language) :
"State Minister Alexander Bonde (Green Party) visits Kronen - fast internet connection was a topic..."

Pressebericht MiBa ABonde-Besuch:

FreshPlaza-Online: new Pineapple & melon peeler

PressOnline_FreshPlaza_AMS220_17Aug2015_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


FreshPlaza Online 17 August 2015 :
"Kronen GmbH presents new pineapple & melon peeler: The newly developed AMS 220 is ideally suited to peel fruit in a great variety of different shapes and sizes..."

PressOnline FreshPlaza AMS220 :

FreshPlaza-Online: Kronen booth at United Fresh 2015, Chicago

PresseOnline_FreshPlaza_MessestandUnitedFresh_Juni2015_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


FresPlaza Online 15 June 2015 :
United Fresh' annual tradeshow and conference took place in Chicago from June 8-10 this week. The picture shows Johannes Guenther (Kronen Sales Director) and Juan Lindmayer (Export Area Manager South America) representing Kronen's food processing equipment.

PresseOnline FreshPlaza Messestand United Fresh:

Press article: New high capacity processling line in Italy

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_Kartoffelverarbeitungslinie-Italien_22.05.2015_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Fruchthandel", edition 2½015 (German language):
"The new potato and vegetable processing line of Kronen has a length of 15,5 m, handling up to 800 kg of potatoes..."

Pressebericht Fruchthandel Kartoffelverarbeitungslinie-Italien:

Press article: Kronen presents new Recipe Weighing Belt System

PressArticle_MEF_RecipeWeighingBelt_May2015_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 05.2015:
(English language) :
"The new Recipe Weighing Belt provides the option to weigh up to 10 components according to given recipes..."

Press article MEF Recipe Weighing Belt:

Press article: Marketing-Club visiting Kronen

Pressebericht_MiBa_VeranstaltungMarketingClub_14.04.2015_DE | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "Mittelbadische Presse" - 14 April 2015 (German language) :
"Chopping lettuce on a large scale - Marketing-Club Ortenau/Offenburg on a factory tour at Kronen in Kehl..."

Pressebericht MiBa Veranstaltung Marketing Club:

Press article: Yield improvements with new grating disc (GS 20)

Pressebericht_DEI_GS20Raffelscheibe_03.2015_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "dei" - edition 03/2015 (German language) :
"A new high capacity grating disc (3 mm) complements the GS 20 belt cutting machine from Kronen. The product grate quality of e.g. carrots is excellent due to the horizontal blade setup of the GS 20 and flat down-holder belt design..."

Pressebericht DEI GS20Raffelscheibe:

Press article: Innovative novelties at Anuga FoodTec, Cologne

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_AnugaFoodTec_13Maerz15_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Fruchthandel", edition 1½015 (German language):
"On the occasion of Anuga FoodTec, the expanding Kronen GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik presents new products and a wide range of maches from the standard program under live conditions...."

Pressebericht Fruchthandel AnugaFoodTec:

Press article: On the offensive going into the future with robot technology

Pressebericht_DLG_AnugaFtec-Roboterstation_02.2015 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "DLG", edition 02/2015 (German language):
"KRONEN GmbH at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne – on the offensive going into the future with innovative novelties and robot technology."

Pressebericht DLG AnugaFtec-Roboterstation:

Local press article: Business report 2015 & anniversary celebration of employees

Pressebericht_KehlerZeitung_Geschaeftsbericht14_06Feb2015 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Kehler Zeitung - 7 February 2015(German languague):
"Large-scale orders ensure the future success... Kronen can look back in satisfaction on last year's business performance... "

Pressebericht KehlerZeitung Geschaeftsbericht:

Press article: Powerful and efficient KRONEN machines at Fruit Logistica

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_FruitLogistica2015_30Jan2015_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Fruchthandel - 30 Jan. 2015 (German language) :
".Visitors to the Kronen stand at this year’s Fruit Logistica can see for themselves the practical and customer-orientated live demonstrations of new products as well as machines of the comprehensive Kronen range..."

Pressebericht Fruchthandel FruitLogistica:

Press article: Harvest & slice cut at chives field

PresseOnline_FreshPlaza_GS20_HarvestingSlicingChives_7Oct2014_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


FreshPlaza online - 07 Oct. 2014 :
"... major order of four Kronen belt cutting maschines GS 20 for an exceptional purpose: Harvesting chives including slicing directly on the field"...


Press article: Kronen invests in new strategic planning modul

Pressebericht_FoodTechnologie_neuesPlanungsmodul_Juni2014 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade magazine "Food Technology", June 2014 (German language only) :
"Detailed planning controls daily business! - Machine & system supplier Kronen relies on Industrie Informatik..."


Press article: New washing & drying machine for strawberries

PresseOnline_FreshCutMagazine_GEWA5000strawberries_11June2014 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


FreshCut online - 11 June 2014 :
"... New features of the machine make it suitable for washing sensitive strawberries..."


Press article: Donation to SOS Children's Village /Black Forest

Pressebericht_KehlerZeitung_Spendenuebergabe-SOS-Kinderdorf_06.03.14_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Local press "Kehler Zeitung", 6 March 2014 (German language only) :
"Kronen donates 3000 EURO to SOS Children's Village...."


Press article: 'Ready-to-eat salads - good, safe, durable'

Pressebericht_Gemuese_KronenFutureDays-Nov2013_Feb2014_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "GEMÜSE", Edition February 2014 (German language only):
Review on Kronen Future Days in November 2013: "Scientific experts from the European leading institutes and research organisations of food processing ..."


Press article: Powerful presence in Berlin

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_VorberichtFruitLogistica_31.01.201 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Fruchthandel - FRESH CONVENIENCE, 31.01.2014 (German language) :
"At this year’s Fruit Logistica, Kronen will present a wide range of its standard machines but also some novelties. Again, the Kronen cooperative partners GKS Packaging - NL-Son, JFPT Foodlife - NL-Zwolle und ZTI Mechatronics will participate: ..."


Press article: First conference 'Kronen Future Days'

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_KronenFutureDays-Nov2013_13.12.13 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Fruchthandel - FRESH CONVENIENCE, 13.12.2013 (German language) :
"Successful start for the 'Kronen Future Days' - On 27 and 28 November 2013, the first ever joint meeting of experts of various food sectors took place at the premises of Kronen GmbH in Kehl, Germany..."


Press article: Kronen introduces cutting machine, dipping bath

PresseOnline_FreshCutMagazine_KSM100_KDB120_Dec2013_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fresh Cut Magazine", edition 12/2013:
"Kronen is displaying two new pieces of equipment, the KSM 100 salad and vegetable cutting machine and the KDB 120 dipping bath..."


Press online: KSM 100 new salad & vegetable machine

PresseOnline_FreshPlaza_KSM100_KDB120_27Nov2013_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


www.freshplaza.com - 27 November 2013:
"Kronen offers new salad and vegetable cutting machine The newly developed KSM 100 cutting machine is perfectly suited...."


Press article: New annual KRONEN-calendar available

Pressebericht_FruchthandelOnline_KronenKalender2014_4.11.13 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Fruchthandel ONLINE, 4.11.2013 (German language) :
"Available now: The new KRONEN food calendar 2014! Under the slogan, “KRONEN – worldwide!”, the company presents a visual feast of 13 national dishes, – from Egypt to Australia to the USA..."


Press article: Kronen presents new Dipping Bath KDB 120

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_Anuga-KDB120_27.09.13 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 39/2013 (German language):
"Kronen Nahrungsmitteltechnik presents its new dipping bath KDB 120 at Anuga in Cologne. It has been developed for final treatment of peeled or cut fruits or vegetables..."


Summer special: Open plant at KRONEN

Pressebericht_KehlerZeitung_OffenesWerkstorKronen_03.09 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Readers of "Kehler Zeitung" (local press) came to visit Kronen in Goldscheuer, watching the manufacturing processes of the salad, vegetable and fruit processing machines. They all were impressed by the live demonstrations, organization and technique, cleanliness and the generous work place areas... (Press release in German language)


Press article: Big processing line in Taiwan

Pressebericht_FruchthandelOnline_TaiwanAnlage_1Aug2013_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"Fruchthandel ONLINE", 1 August 2013(German language):
"Kronen supplies big vegetable processing line to Taiwanese company..."


FEI - Project of the month June: germ reduction

PresseOnline_FEI_Projekt-des-Monats-Juni2013_Keimreduzierung_1.6.13 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


A current research project of the Industrial Community Research and Development (IGF) was awarded as the project of the month June 2013 by the Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI):
“The use of innovative processes and components shall make it possible to increase product quality and safety of ready-to-eat salads and herbs while simultaneously preserving the fresh taste. Research teams of the participating University Hohenheim are working together with KRONEN engineers to attain these objectives. “

KRONEN provided the necessary machines for test runs and experimental purposes: a GEWA 3800 PLUS washing machine combined with a Vortex-line and a spin dryer K50. At the same time, we place great value on the development of novel cutting technology (blade technology) and innovative machine functions such as water jet cutting systems and UV technology at our GEWA washing machines.

More information: www.fei-bonn.de/projekte/projekt_des_monats/aktuell/


Press article: Kronen presents new ORKI peeling machine

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_ORKI_01.06.13 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 22/2013 (German language):
"Kronen Nahrungsmitteltechnik presents the innovative ORKI peeling machine. The fully automated peeler which consists of a top and bottum cutter, is capable to peel oranges, grapefruits and kiwi..."

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_ORKI 01.06.13_de:

Press article: Kronen innovative concepts at Gulfood

Pressebericht_MiddleEastFood_Gulfood_May2013_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 05.2013:
"Demand for our Kronen machines for the salad, vegetable, fruit processing industry is growing constantly confirming that the decision made 5 years ago to exhibit at Gulfood was right..."


Press article: Kronen presents SDS 5000 Suction Dry System

Pressebericht_MiddleEastFood_SDS5000_April2013_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 04.2013:
"KRONEN presents its innovative Suction Dry System... developed to give fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life..."


Press article: The perfect cut

Pressebericht_Gemuese_NachberichtFruitLogistica2013_KUJV_01.04.2013 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Gemuese", edition 04/2013 (German language):
"All kinds of convenience products are washed, cut, peeled, polished. Technical soluations have been presented at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin..."


Press article: Successfull trade fair appearance Fruit Logistica 2013!

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_NachberichtFruitLogistica2013_08.03.13 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 10/2013 (German language):
"Exhibition success: Presentation together with cooperation partners...."


Press article: Kronen reveals its new peeling machine

Pressebericht_MiddleEastFood_OrkiPeeler_March2013_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 03.2013:
"KRONEN reveals its new peeling machine ... cleaning oranges, grapefruits and kiwi...."


Press article: Kronen presents its latest machinery

Pressebericht_MiddleEastFood_GS20_KUJV_Feb2013_en.pdf | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 02.2013:
"KRONEN presents its latest machinery... completely revised version of KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine ... the new, big GS 20 belt cutting machine..."


Local press articles: Business report 2012 & anniversary celebration of employees

Pressebericht_MittelbadischePresse_Geschaeftsbericht-Jubilare2012_01 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Kehler Zeitung - 1 February und 2 February 2013(German languague):
"Kronen maintains high sales level..." "Kronen employees honoured for their long-term service...":



Press article: The new KUJ V high capacity dicer at Fruit Logistica 2013!

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_KUJV_FruitLogistica2013_01.02.13_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 05/2013 (German language):
"Kronen presents a real highlight: The KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine...."


Press article: Kronen presents state-of-the-art and innovative concepts...!

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_FruitLogistica2013_25.01.13 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 04/2013:
"Kronen exhibits the latest machinery - for the first time together with 4 cooperative partners..."


Local press article: Sucessfull KRONEN customer days

Pressebericht_KehlerZeitung_HerbstkundentageNachbericht_16.10 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"Kehler Zeitung", 16 October 2012:
"...Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director and his team presented both new and existing machines to sales representatives and customers from the international salad, vegetable & fruit processing industry..."


Press online: Successful Customer Days at KRONEN!

Pressebericht_FreshPlazaOnline_NachberichtKUNDENTAGE_16.10 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


www.freshplaza.com - 16 October 2012:
"Over 150 participants from more than 30 countries around the world came together at the International Kronen Representative Conference on 26 and 27 September followed by an open house for our customers the next day."


Press article: Successful Customer Days at KRONEN!

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_HerbstkundentageNachbericht_12.10 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 4½012:
"Over 150 participants from more than 30 countries around the world came together at the International Kronen Representative Conference on 26 and 27 September followed by an open house for our customers the next day."


Press article: GS 10 TTS: Cutting vegetable + fruit and waste minimizing

Pressebericht_GS20_Mulco_Innovativ_Motek_Okt.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


mulco innovativ - Oktober 2012:
"... cutting vegetable and fruit with the GS 10 TTS with a minimum of waste as never before ..."


Press article: Perfect cutting technology for gentle lettuce

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_GS20_28.9.2012_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 39/2012:
"Kronen presents the newly developped belt cutting machine GS 20"


Press article: Innovative Cutting & Coring Technique for Lettuce

Pressebericht_MiddleEastFood_TT450_Sept2012_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 01.2012:
"Innovative Cutting & Coring Technique for Lettuce - the newly developed top & tail machine TT 450 is perfectly suited for coring lettuce with flat stem and cutting leaf tips..."


Press article: Invitation to KRONEN in house exhibition

Pressebericht_Fruchthandelonline_EinladungHerbstkundentag_30.08.2012 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel-ONLINE", 30 August 2012:
"Invitation to in house exhibition on 28 September 2012


Press article: KRONEN +Tenrit from partnership

Pressebericht_FreshCut_Kronen-Tenrit_Jul2012_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fresh Cut Magazine", edition 07/2012:
"Kronen + Tenrit form partnership... working together, the two companies can customize a line and integrate equipment..."


Press article: Cutting technology at Fruit Logistica 2012

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_FruLo_Nachbericht_Vortex_2.3.12 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 09/2012:
"Fair report about Kronen at Fruit Logistica 2012...
Stephan Zillgith: We are winners of the International FoodTec Award for our innovative Vortex line..."


Press article: Salad processing with automatic weighing belt system

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_FruLo_Wiegebaender_Vortex_3.2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition "Fresh Convenience 02/2012:
"...Kronen presented its current range of machines at traditional autumn customer days from 20 - 22 October 2011." "Kronen GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik - remains on a growth path ... Salad processing with automatic weighing belt system"


Press article: Market Leader Kronen at Fruit Logistica 2012

Pressebericht_FoodDrinkBusiness_Vortex_FruitLog12_Jan2012_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Food & Drink Business Europe"", edition 01.2012:
"... one of the strong points of Kronen lies in its ability to respond to customer's individual requirements, implementing further developments and appropriate adaptions..."


Press article: Germ reduction and Shelf Life Prolongation of Fresh-Cut Products

Pressebericht_MiddleEastFood_Vortex_Jan2012_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 01.2012:
"Kronen's Vortex waxhing line: Germ reduction and Shelf Life Prolongation of Fresh-Cut Products...."


Press article: THE GREENS are visiting KRONEN...

Pressebericht_MiBa_DieGruenen_Kreisverbandtagung_9.Dez | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"Mittelbadische Presse":
"...How are foods industrially produced? Greens are visiting Kronen... "


Press article: Kronen customer days well attended...

Pressebericht_Fruchthandelherbstkundentage_18Novt2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 47/2011:
"...Kronen presented its current range of machines at traditional autumn customer days from 20 - 22 October 2011."


Press article: Prefect processing of broccoli

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_BrokkoliverarbeitungCABRO_07Okt2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 40/2011:
"The Cabro SL-machine is perfectly suited for a gentle processing of broccoli and cauliflower cutting them into nice florets..."


Press article: Machine solutions for gentle product applications

Pressebericht_Fruchthandelerbstkundentage_30Sept2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 39/2011:
"Kronen presents its current range of machines at traditional autumn customer days from 20 - 22 October 2011."


Press online: Paprika washing machine, latest innovation product of KRONEN

Pressebericht_www.freshplaza.com_PaprikaGEWA_22Aug2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"www.freshplaza.com", 22. August. 2011 - english:
"The latest innovation product is the paprika-washing machine GEWA 3800V PLUS..."


Press online: KRONEN introduces automatic apple peeling and slicing machine

Pressebericht_www.freshplaza.com_AS16_15Aug2011_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"www.freshplaza.com", 15 August 2011 - english:
"Kronen introduces automatic apple peeling and slicing machine"


Press article: Washing & sorting of pepper (completely sliced with stem & seeds)

Pressebericht_MiddleEastFood_PaprikaGEWA_Jul2011_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Middle East Food", edition 07/2011:
"Kronen: Innovative Food Processing Technology - the Pepper Sorting GEWA 3800V PLUS will effectively spearate the good product from the pepper seeds, stems and cores.."


Press article: The happy winner of the 'Golden'-GS10 is...

Pressebericht_Gemuese_GS10Verlosung_Boerdelagerhaus_Juli2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Gemüse", edition 07/2011:
"The golden GS10 belt cutting machine has been handed over to the happy winners of BOERDELAGERHAUS in Kroppenstedt"


Press article: New washing machines for sesame and sprouts

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_FreshConv_SesamSprossenWaschen_17Jun2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition "Fresh Convenience" 24/2011:
"Kronen presents: new washing machines with prewash section especially for crops and seeds such as sesame, pumpkin seed, raisins and dry fruits..."


Press article: Perfect slicing...

Pressebericht_Gemuese_FruitLogistica_Apr2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Gemüse", edition 04/2011:
" Fair report on KRONEN novelties"


Press article: KRONEN Corp. presents Vortex and GS10 TTS

Pressebericht_FreshCut_Vortex_April2011_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fresh Cut Magazine", edition 04/2011:
"Kronen Corp. presents the latest Kronen machines Vortex and GS10 TTS"


Press article: KRONEN going local in USA!

Pressebericht_FreshCut_KronenUSA_Maerz2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

March 2011

Trade journal "Fresh Cut Magazine", edition 03/2011:
"Kronen has opened a new sales and distribution center in Hartford, Conn...."


Press online: Successful business year 2010 at KRONEN

Pressebericht_www.freshplaza.com_7Feb2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"www.freshplaza.com, 7 Feb. 2011 - English:
"In all major key ratios, the Kronen GmbH recorded a highly successful business year 2010."



Press article: Innovative novelties at Fruit Logistica

Pressebericht_Fruchthandel_FruitLogistica2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition "Fresh Convenience" 05/2011:
"Kronen GmbH presents innovative novelties at Fruit Logistica"


Press online: Powerful KRONEN presentation at Fruit Logistica

Pressebericht_www.freshplaza.com_2Feb2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"www.freshplaza.com", 2 Feb. 2011 - English:
"Kronen GmbH / Fruit Logistica - Powerful Kronen presentation at Fruit Logistica 2011 in Berlin
Big price draw: As a special highlight the 2011. belt cutting machine GS10 will be presented as gold model"



Press article: Business report 2010 & Anniversary celebration of KRONEN employees

Pressebericht_Mittelbad.Presse_Geschaeftsbericht2010-Jubilare_16-17Feb2011 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"Kehler Zeitung", 16 / 17 February 2010:
"Managing Director Stephan Zillgith honours KRONEN jubilarians &
Kronen GmbH recorded a highly successful business year 2010."


Press article: international customer and KRONEN representatives meeting

Pressebericht_Herbst-Kundentag_Detail_Nov2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 44/2010:
"More than 100 guests visited Autumn customer day at KRONEN"


Press article: Autumn Customer Day at KRONEN

Pressebericht_Herbst-Kundentag_Detail_24.9.2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 38/2010:
"Autumn customer day at KRONEN informing about machines and company"


Press article: DLG-Symposium in Potsdam

Pressebericht_Gemuese_DLG-Symposium_Sept2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Gemuese", edition 09/2010:
"Fresh cut vegetables bringing to the consumer free of damage"


Press article: Fruit days at KRONEN

Pressebericht über KRONEN-Obsttage im Mai 2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition "Fresh Convenience", 11 June 2010
Report on first "Fruit days" at KRONEN


Press article: Tona S180K fruit and vegetable processing machine

Spezialschneidemaschine TONAS180K zum Schneiden und Stanzen von Obst und Gemüse | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Fruchthandel", edition 18/2010:
New product: Tona S180K fruit and vegetable processing machine has been launched into the market

Produktneuheit: Tona S180K Gemüse- und Früchteverarbeitungsmaschine in den Markt eingeführt:

Fair report on KRONEN novelties at Fruit Logistica 2010

Messe-Nachbericht über KRONEN-Neuheiten bei der Fruit Logistica 2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Trade journal "Gemüse", edition April 2010:
Fruit Logistica / Freshconex - fair report on KRONEN novelties such as spirelli cutting machine, Tona S180K special cutting machine, Vortex line for germ reduction of fresh cut products, etc.

Messe-Nachbericht über KRONEN-Neuheiten bei der Fruit Logistica 2010:

Press article: Anniverary celebration of KRONEN employees

Mitarbeiterehrung bei KRONEN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Kehler Zeitung, 27 January 2010: KRONEN honours loyal jubilarians

Mitarbeiterehrung bei KRONEN: