MP 150 - Vertical form, fill and seal machine

MP 150 - Vertical form, fill and seal machine

The MP 150 form, fill and seal machine is optimized to create bags from a flat film from the reel efficiently and automatically. The machine is suitable for packing many types of food as well as non-food products and applicable for small production areas as well as industrial environments. It can also be used for manual filling.

The MP 150 covers a large range of packaging sizes and processes bags with a width from 40 mm to 150 mm and an unlimited length. In the standard configuration it produces pillow bags. Optionally the machine can also produce self standing bags.

Due to its compact design and small footprint the MP 150 can be used flexibly. The machine is set on castors as a standard and thus, it can be placed under various dosing systems easily and quickly.

The MP 150 is easy and safe to operate:

  • Panasonic PLC control allows 99 programs to be created and stored
  • Full color touchscreen for simple operation
  • Machine safety according to CE regulations
  • Compact, solid and hygienic design made of stainles steel
  • Easy accessability and cleaning thanks to open construction
  • Easy maintenaince as components can be retrofitted quickly