Washing machine GEWA 2600B ECO with belt outfeed

Washing machine GEWA 2600B ECO with belt outfeed


  • WMS (Water Management System)
    WMS (Water Management System)

    The KRONEN WMS system enables centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machines. During operation, the water level in the washing machine is automatically controlled via an additional level sensor. If the water level drops too low, the pneumatic inlet valves are automatically opened for fresh water supply.

    The standard system has two valves each for filling and two for emptying the machine, as well as the necessary pipework. The WMS is operated via the switch box of the washing machine.

    Special versions according to customer requirements can be offered.

  • Air system
    Air system
    The KRONEN air system allows taking advantage of the HELICAL washing system in combination with the advantages of the floatation washing systems. Air is blown through pipes with multiple perforations which can easily be installed anytime into the wash tank, creating air bubbles in the water. This combination of minimum water flow intensity and the air bubbles system leads to better overall washing quality and product care. Specially when used for delicate products, such as whole leaves or some difficult products as parsley, Lollo type lettuce and baby leaves.
  • WRS - Water recycling system
    WRS - Water recycling system
    KRONEN water recycling system is used on washing lines consisting of at least two machines. Excess water coming from the second washing machine is brought back to the first washing machine, reducing significantly the overall water consumption. We do this, knowing the fact that the first tank has generally bigger concentration of dirt and germs than the second tank, enabling fresh water entering only at the second machine, renewing the whole water cycle from there.